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Legalov .. 2003. Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 Mb. [in Russian with english giagnoses and abstract]
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On a disk are written down:
Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna (117 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Western Palaearctic (10 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the former USSR (15 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Illustrated cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Siberia (15 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Novosibirsk Province (5 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the Oriental Region ( 60 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of China (24 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Japan (10 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Vietnam (14 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of India (14 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Africa (16 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Madagascar (5 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of Australia (5 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of North and South America (19 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the Neotropical Region (16 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

Legalov A.A. 2003. Cheklist of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the USA and Canada (5 pp.) // Taxanomy, classification and phylogeny of the leaf-rolling weevils (Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae) of the world fauna. Novosibirsk. CD-R. 641 MB.

The disk will be interesting for entomologist, experts on protection of plants and fans of the nature.


The monography is illustrated with color photos (more than 900) the majority of representatives of all supraspecific taxa leaf-rolling weevils.

New method SYNAP is applied for reconstruction of phylogeny.

In the monography stages of studying of the leaf-rolling weevils are defined.
New classificatio n of biological group is offered.
The data on trophic communications of this beetles are generalized.
The review of the paleodata is executed.
The characters used in phylogeny and systematics of the leaf-rolling weevils are considered. Key of supraspecific taxa of Rhynchitidae and Attelabidae are given.
Phylogenetic relationships of families of superfamily Curculionoiidea, and also supraspecific taxa of Rhynchitidae and Attelabidae are reconstructed.
New supraspecific systems of families Rhynchitidae and Attelabidae are offered.
In work 393 new taxa:
8 new tribes,
34 new subtribes,
113 new genera,
83 new subgenera,
151 new species and 4 new subspecies are described.
73 taxa are shown in synonyms.
The systematic position 21 taxa is changed.
The status of 15 taxa recovered.
Changes of status to 67 taxa.
1145 new combinations are established.
Discharged of lectotypes of 105 taxa.
The full bibliography is resulted.
The monography is illustrated with color photos of the majority of representatives of all supraspecific taxa of the leaf-rolling weevils.

Minimal requirements to a computer:
Pentium-166 MHz, "Windows-95", "Microsoft Internet Explorer", "Adobe Acrobat", 32 MB RAM, 12-speed CD ROM.

New taxa are described:
New tribes:
Periegini trib.n. (type species Perieges Schoenherr, 1842),
Paleocartini trib.n. (type genus Paleocartus gen.n.),
Vossicartini trib.n. (type genus Vossicartus gen.n.),
Proteugnamptini trib.n. (type genus Proteugnamptus Voss, 1939),
Auletanini trib.n. (type genus Auletanus Voss, 1922),
Brenthorrhinoidini trib.n. (type genus Brenthorrhinoides Gratshev et Zherikhin, 1996),
Minurini trib.n. (type genus Minurus Waterhouse, 1842),
Cesauletini trib.n. (type genus Cesauletes Hamilton, 1983);

New subtribes:
Sanyrevilleina subtrib.n. (type genus Sanyrevilleus Gratshev et Zherikhin, 2000),
Mandelschtamiina subtrib.n. (type genus Mandelschtamius gen.n.),
Guineauletina subtrib.n. (type genus Guineauletes gen.n.),
Pseudomesauletina subtrib.n. (type genus Pseudomesauletes 2001),
Depasophilina subtrib.n. (type genus Depasophilus Voss, 1922),
Lasiorhynchitina subtrib.n. (type genus Lasiorhynchites Jekel, 1860),
Temnocerina subtrib.n. (type genus Temnocerus Thunberg, 1815),
Perrhynchitina subtrib.n. (type genus Perrhynchites Voss, 1953),
Anisomerinina subtrib.n.(type genus Anisomerinus Voss, 1933),
Rhynchitallina subtrib.n. (type genus Rhynchitallus Voss, 1960),
Svetlanaebyctiscina subtrib.n. (type genus Svetlanaebyctiscus 2001),
Listrobyctiscidiina subtrib.n. (type genus Listrobyctiscus Voss, 1923),
Archeuopsina subtrib.n. (type genus Archeuops gen.n.),
Suniopsina subtrib.n. (type genus Suniops Voss, 1928),
Synaptopsina subtrib.n. (type genus Synaptops Jekel, 1860),
Clinolabina subtrib.n. (type genus Clinolabus Jekel, 1860),
Alleuscelina subtrib.n. (type genus Alleuscelus Voss, 1937),
Himatolabina subtrib.n. (type genus Himatolabus Jekel, 1860),
Omolabina subtrib.n. (type genus Omolabus Jekel, 1860),
Metocalolabina subtrib.n. (type genus Metocalolabus gen.n.),
Phialodina subtrib.n. (type genus Phialodes Roelofs, 1874),
Paramecolabina subtrib.n. (type genus Paramecolabus Jekel, 1860),
Phymatopsinina subtrib.n. (type genus Phymatopsinus Voss, 1925),
Pleurolabina subtrib.n. (type genus Pleurolabus Jekel, 1860),
Allapoderina subtrib.n. (type genus Allapoderus Voss, 1927),
Pseudophrysina subtrib.n. (type genus Pseudophrysus gen.n.),
Afroapoderina subtrib.n. (type genus Afroapoderus gen.n.),
Paratomapoderina subtrib.n. (type genus Paratomapoderus Voss, 1926),
Pseudocycnotrachelina subtrib.n. (type genus Pseudocycnotrachelus gen.n.),
Leptapoderina subtrib.n. (type genus Leptapoderus Jekel, 1860),
Opanassenkoviina subtrib.n. (type genus Opanassenkovius gen.n.),
Anisonychina subtrib.n. (type genus Anisonychus Voss, 1927);
Centrocorynina subtrib.n. (type genus Centrocorynus Jekel, 1860),
Cycnotrachelina subtrib.n. (type genus Cycnotrachelus Jekel, 1860);

New genera:
Paleocartus gen.n. (type species Brenthorrhinoides pubescens Gratshev et Zherikhin, 1996),
Vossicartus gen.n. (type species Rhinocartus bruncki Voss, 1974),
Zherichiniletus gen.n. (type species Auletobius mandibularis Voss, 1922),
Nebrenthorrhinus gen.n. (type species Nebrenthorrhinus lacasai Gratshev et Zherikhin, 2000),
Mandelschtamius gen.n. (type species Auletobius turneri Voss, 1933),
Neauletes gen.n. (type species Neauletes relictus sp.n.),
Guineauletes gen.n. (type species Guineauletes mirabilis sp.n.),
Macroauletes gen.n. (type species Auletes picticornis Pascoe, 1885),
Alonsoiauletes gen.n. (type species Alonsoiauletes virgatus sp.n.),
Paleauletes gen.n. (type species Apion exanimale Scudder, 1893),
Minuroides gen.n. (type species Rhynchites seniculus Philippi, 1864),
Proteugnamptellus gen.n. (type species Eugnamptus bimaculosus Voss, 1941),
Eugnamptinus gen.n. (type species Eugnamptus ixigerum Voss, 1941),
Eugnamptellus gen.n. (type species Eugnamptus salvini Sharp, 1889),
Cyaneugnamptus gen.n. (type species Cyaneugnamptus tenuicolloides sp.n.),
Chryseugnamptus gen.n. (type species Eugnamptus flavirostris Desbrochers, 1890),
Protoessodius gen.n. (type species Eugnamptus sexpunctatus Voss, 1941),
Neoeugnamptus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites amurensis Faust, 1882),
Prodeporaus gen.n. (type species Apion smithii Scudder, 1893),
Prodeporaides gen.n. (type species Auletes wymani Scudder, 1893),
Capylarodepopsis gen.n. (type species Capylarodepopsis medvedevi , sp.n.),
Nelasiorhynchites gen.n. (type species Rhynchites syriacus Desbrochers des Loges, 1869),
Neocoenorhinidius gen.n. (type species Rhynchites pauxillus Germar, 1824),
Anisomerinidius gen.n. (type species Rhynchites scalptus Gyllenhal, 1839),
Pararhynchites gen.n. (type species Rhynchites similatus Voss, 1938),
Perinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites africanus Voss, 1938),
Parelautobius gen.n. (type species Involvulus cinctellus Voss, 1956),
Auletomorphosus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites dohrni Voss, 1938),
Proinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Involvulus asperulicollis Voss, 1956),
Pilosoinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites solutus Faust, 1886),
Metinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Involvulus haradai Kno, 1940),
Opacoinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites gensanensis Voss, 1920),
Eduardirhinus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites tenuicornis Voss, 1938),
Montaninvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites bucklandiae Marshall, 1924),
Amerorhynchites gen.n. (type species Rhynchites mexicanus Gyllenhal, 1833),
Paramechoris gen.n. (type species Attelabus hirtus Fabricius, 1801),
Brasilorhynchites gen.n. (type species Rhynchites ultramarinus Gyllenhal, 1839),
Sharpirhinus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites abnormalis Sharp, 1889),
Mexicorhinchus gen.n. (type species Mexicorhinchus oaxacus sp.n.),
Ameroinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites scutellaris Sharp, 1889),
Caporhynchites gen.n. (type species Rhynchites longicollis Gyllenhal, 1839),
Thompsonirhinus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites plumbeus Roelofs, 1874),
Mirabrhynchites gen.n. (type species Mirabrhynchites kabakovi sp.n.),
Mirabinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Mirabinvolvulus orlovi sp.n.),
Pustulorhinus gen.n. (type species Pustulorhinus yunnanicus sp.n.),
Clinorhynchidius gen.n. (type species Rhynchites flexirostris Voss, 1938),
Afrorhynchites gen.n. (type species Rhynchites vulpes Fahraeus, 1871),
Himalayrhynchites gen.n. (type species Rhynchites canus Faust, 1898),
Maculorhinus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites fasciatus Voss, 1938),
Maculinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites singularis Roelofs, 1874),
Rubrinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites submaculatus Voss, 1938),
Bicolorhynchus gen.n. (type species Bicolorhynchus longiclavus sp.n.),
Indinvolvulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites hispoides Pascoe, 1875),
Parinvovulus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites pilosus Roelofs, 1874),
Byctisculus gen.n. (type species Byctiscidius griseus Voss, 1930),
Nelistrobyctiscus gen.n. (type species Rhynchites gagates Pascoe, 1875),
Pseudopilolabus gen.n. (type species Attelabus viridans Gyllenhal, 1839),
Archeuops gen.n. (type species Euops vossi Heller, 1929),
Insolitoeuops gen.n. (type species Euops strigiventris Lea, 1898),
Ljudmilinius gen.n. (type species Euops femoralis Voss, 1924),
Riedelinius gen.n. (type species Euops armatus Riedel, 1999),
Parasuniops gen.n. (type species Parasuniops fochaensis sp.n.),
Metaeuops gen.n. (type species Euops tibialis Voss, 1929),
Euopsidius gen.n. (type species Euops testaceus Voss, 1929),
Guineoeuops gen.n. (type species Euops reticulatus Riedel, 2001),
Armeuops gen.n. (type species Euops armatipennis Voss, 1924),
Kabakovieuops gen.n. (type species Kabakovieuops relictus sp.n.),
Morphoeuops gen.n. (type species Morphoeuops yunnanicus sp.n.),
Parasynaptopsis gen.n. (type species Euops chinensis Voss, 1922),
Parasynatops gen.n. (type species Parasynatops politoides Legalov, 2002),
Pseudosynaptops gen.n. (type species Euops barbieri Marshall, 1953),
Flavoriedeliops  gen.n. (type species Flavoriedeliops tamilnadunsis Legalov, sp.n.),
Orienteuops gen.n. (type species Euops tonkinensis Voss, 1933),
Metasynaptops gen.n. (type species Euops micans Lea, 1929),
Humerieuops gen.n. (type species Euops tuberculatus Lea, 1921),
Madagasoeuops gen.n. (type species Euops distinctus Voss, 1924),
Paraeuops gen.n. (type species Euops pygmaeus Riedel, 2001),
Sawadaeuops gen.n. (type species Attelabus punctatostriatus Motschulsky, 1860),
Australoeuops gen.n. (type species Euops suturalis Lea, 1898),
Paleoclinolabus gen.n. (type species Erirhinus dormitus Scudder, 1893),
Metocalolabus gen.n. (type species Metocalolabus orientalis sp.n.),
Humerilabus gen.n. (type species Henicolabus fausti Voss, 1925),
Euscelophilidius gen.n. (type species Euscelus gibbicollis Schilsky, 1906),
Metallapoderus gen.n. (type species Apoderus rubicundus Voss, 1927),
Eoclitostylus gen.n. (type species Apoderus tenuissimus Pascoe, 1881),
Micrapoderus gen.n. (type species Apoderus minutissimus Voss, 1920),
Pseudallapoderus gen.n. (type species Apoderus sissus Marshall, 1913),
Borneocorynus gen.n. (type species Apoderus fenestratus Heller, 1908),
Pseudophrysus gen.n. (type species Cycnotrachelus parvulus Voss, 1928),
Morphocorynus gen.n. (type species Apoderus nigricollis Roelofs, 1874),
Maculphrysus gen.n. (type species Apoderus quadrimaculatus Faldermann, 1835),
Afroapoderus gen.n. (type species Apoderus seminiger Faust, 1894),
Strigapoderopsis gen.n. (type species Apoderus submarginatus Gyllenhal, 1839),
Homapoderus gen.n. (type species Apoderus tolerans Faust, 1894),
Archiparapoderus gen.n. (type species Attelabus nigripennis Fabricius, 1792),
Tomapoderopsis gen.n. (type species Apoderus cyclops Faust, 1894),
Vossitrachelophorus gen.n. (type species Apoderus limbatus Faust, 1889),
Madagasocycnelus gen.n. (type species Apoderus humeralis Olivier, 1807),
Pseudocycnotrachelus gen.n. (type species Apoderus ledyardi Heller, 1915),
Paracompsus gen.n. (type species Apoderus lepidulus Voss, 1927),
Korotyaevirhinus gen.n. (type species Attelabus notatus Fabricius, 1792),
Macroderites gen.n. (type species Macroderites nepalensis sp.n.),
Microcorynus gen.n. (type species Apoderus blandus Faust, 1894),
Heterapoderites gen.n. (type species Heterapoderites medvedevi sp.n.),
Heterapoderopsis gen.n. (type species Apoderus pauperulus Voss, 1927),
Granulapoderus gen.n. (type species Apoderus rugicollis Schilsky, 1906),
Opanassenkovius gen.n. (type species Attelabus verrucosus Pascoe, 1881),
Mordkovitshirhinus gen.n. (type species Mordkovitshirhinus yunnanicus sp.n.),
Philippinocorynus gen.n. (type species Apoderus sejunctus Faust, 1883),
Alexsandricorynus gen.n. (type species Apoderus bilineatus Faust, 1883),
Eocentrocorynus gen.n. (type species Apoderus aemulus Faust, 1894),
Centrocorinidius gen.n. (type species Apoderus cinnabarinus Voss, 1922),
Philippinotrachelus gen.n. (type species Apoderus insularis Faust, 1883);

New subgenera:
Synapion: Giustiapion subgen.n. (type species Apion falzonii Schatzmayer, 1922) and Parasynapion subgen.n. (type species Synapion alexandri Korotyaev, 1988),
Auletobius: Micrauletes subgen.n. (type species Auletobius adelaidae sp.n.), Pseudometopum subgen.n. (type species Auletobius subgranulatus Voss, 1933),
Habrorhynchites: Afroauletobius subgen.n. (type species Auletobius hirtus Voss, 1933),
Pseudomesauletes: Afromesauletes subgen.n. (type species Auletobius callosus Voss, 1922), Rubrauletes subgen.n. (type species Auletobius consimilis Voss, 1930), Faustiauletes subgen.n. (type species Auletobius gestroi Faust, 1894),
Eumetopon: Eumetoponoides subgen.n. (type species Auletobius rectirostris Voss, 1922),
Deporaus: Pseudapoderites subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites pacatus Faust, 1882), Roelophsideporaus subgen.n. (type species Deporaus affectatus Faust, 1887), Paleodeporaus subgen.n. (type species Deporaus rhynchitoides Sawada, 1993),
Pseudodeporaus: Metadeporaus subgen.n. (Pseudodeporaus kabakovi sp.n.),
Caenorhinus: Neoarodepus subgen.n. (type species Deporaus subcoarctatus Voss, 1938), Nigroarodepus subgen.n. (type species Caenorhinus zherichini sp.n.), Pseudarodepus subgen.n. (type species Deporaus sagittatum Voss, 1938), Orientarodepus subgen.n. (type species Deporaus minimus Kno, 1928), Pararodepus subgen.n. (type species Caenorhinus hanungensis sp.n.), Metallarodepus subgen.n. (type species Deporaus flaviventris Voss, 1924),
Temnocerus: Paratemnocerus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites subglaber Desbrochers des Loges, 1897), Pseudotemnocerus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites regularis Sharp, 1889),
Tatianaerhynchites: Japonorhynchites subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites sanguinipennis Roelofs, 1874),
Auletomorphus: Auletomorphidius subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites pectoralis Voss, 1923),
Cneminvolvulus: Pseudvulus subgen.n. (type species Involvulus schusteri Formanek, 1912), Parcnemvulus subgen.n. (type species Cneminvolvulus vietnamensis sp.n.), Metacnemvulus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites hirtellus Pascoe, 1885), Eocnemvulus subgen.n. (type species Cneminvolvulus cuprinus sp.n.),
Metarhynchites: Pseudmetarhynchites subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites molybdaenus Voss, 1938),
Cyllorhynchites: Hypocyllorhynus subgen.n. (type species Cyllorhynchites indicus sp.n.), Pseudocyllorhynus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites subcumulatus Voss, 1930),
Thompsonirhinus: Pseudorhinus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites carinensis Faust, 1894), Maculinvoles subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites kiritshenkoi Ter-Minassian, 1944), Athompsonirhinus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites subplumbeus Voss, 1938),
Heterorhynchites: Vietnamorhynchites subgen.n. (type species Sawadaia medvedevi sp.n.),
Cartorhynchites: Cartorhynchoides subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites apertus Sharp, 1889), Hyperinvolvulus subgen.n. (type species Thompsonirhinus angusticlavus sp.n.),
Epirhynchites: Terminassianaeus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites lopatini Ter-Minassian, 1968), Colonnellinius subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites smyrnensis Desbrochers des Loges, 1869),
Teretriorhynchites: Chinorhynchites subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites fulvihirtus Voss, 1938),
Parinvolvulus: Nigroinvovulus subgen.n. (type species Rhynchites apionoides Sharp, 1889), Parinvolvoides subgen.n. (type species Parinvolvulus ussuriensis sp.n.),
Aspidobyctiscus: Parabyctiscus subgen.n. (type species Byctiscus kazantsevi sp.n.), Nepalobyctiscus subgen.n. (type species Aspidobyctiscus giganteus sp.n.),
Nelistrobyctiscus: Listrobyctiscidius subgen.n. (type species Listrobyctiscus patruelis Voss, 1921),
Pilolabus: Morphopilolabus subgen.n. (type species Pilolabus tubercleatus Hamilton, 1994),
Suniops: Neosuniops subgen.n. (type species Euops blanda Voss, 1928),
Neosynaptops: Pseudosynaptos subgen.n. (type species Euops cupreosplendens Macleay, 1886), Neosynaptopsis subgen.n. (type species Euops gladiator Riedel, 2002),
Parasynatops: Pseudoeuops subgen.n. (type species Parasynatops bicoloroides sp.n.),
Paraeuops: Paraeuopsis subgen.n. (type species Euops quadrifasciculatus Lea, 1929),
Sawadaeuops: Chinoeuops subgen.n. (type species Sawadaeuops davidiani sp.n.), Nigroeuops subgen.n. (type species Sawadaeuops ovalis sp.n.), Rugosoeuops subgen.n. (type species Sawadaeuops hermanni sp.n.),
Euscelus: Eusceloides subgen.n. (type species Euscelus scrobiculatus Voss, 1925),
Synolabus: Eosynolabus subgen.n. (type species Attelabus nigripes LeConte, 1824),
Attelabus: Algirolabus subgen.n. (type species Attelabus variolosus Fabricius, 1801),
Henicolabus: Jekelilabus subgen.n. (type species Attelabus octospilotus Jekel, 1860), Eoallolabus subgen.n. (type species Henicolabus simplex Voss, 1925),
Paramecolabus: Catalaboides (type species Paramecolabus kazantsevi sp.n.),
Allapoderus: Biallapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus rubriventris Hustache, 1923), Cyanallapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus cyaneovirens Jekel, 1860), Parallapoderus subgen.n. (type species Allapoderus zherichini sp.n.),
Maculphrysus: Parmaculphrysus subgen.n. (type species Centrocorynus inspersus Voss, 1929),
Homapoderus: Dentatoapoderus subgen.n. (type species Parapoderus denticulatus Voss, 1926),
Paroplapoderus: Pseudplapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus tentator Faust, 1894), Pseudmadaranus subgen.n. (type species Paroplapoderus fasciatus Voss, 1928),
Trachelophorus: Eotrachelophorus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus castaneus Klug, 1860), Nigrotrachelophorus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus adrea Gyllenhal, 1839),
Compsapoderus: Compsapoderopsis subgen.n. (type species Apoderus dimidiatus Faust, 1890),
Leptapoderus: Pseudapoderopsis subgen.n. (type species Leptapoderus tamdaoensis sp.n.), Morphapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus basalis Jekel, 1860), Paraleptapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus carbonicolor Motschulsky, 1860), Trachelomorphidius subgen.n. (type species Apoderus collaris Jekel, 1860), Maculapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus submaculatus Voss, 1927), Pseudoleptapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus balteatus Roelofs, 1874),
Heterapoderus: Neheterapoderus (type species Apoderus macropus Pascoe, 1883), Pseudoheterapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus crenatus Jekel, 1860), Eoheterapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus geniculatus Jekel, 1860),
Apoderus: Konoapoderus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus jekelii Roelofs, 1874),
Centrocorynus: Necentrocorynus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus dohrnii Jekel, 1860),
Eocentrocorynus: Formususorynus subgen.n. (type species Centrocorynus gracilicornis Voss, 1929), Neocorynidius subgen.n. (type species Centrocorynus ruficlavis Voss, 1929),
Cycnotrachelodes: Pseudcycnolodes subgen.n. (type species Apoderus coeruleatus Faust, 1894),
Paratrachelophorus: Pseudoparaphorus subgen.n. (type species Apoderus potanini Faust, 1890), Morphotrachelophorus subgen.n. (type species Paratrachelophorus marsi sp.n.);

New species:
Zherichiniletus kabakovi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Auletobius (Metopum) bengalensis sp.n. (India),
Auletobius (Metopum) fochaensis sp.n. (China),
Auletobius (Metopum) karnatakaensis sp.n. (India),
Auletobius (Metopum) lumlensis sp.n. (Nepal),
Auletobius (Metopum) medvedevi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Auletobius (Metopum) rostraloides sp.n. (Vietnam),
Auletobius (Metopum) thailandicus sp.n. (Thailand),
Auletobius (Metopum) vietnamensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Auletobius (Metopum) volkovitshi sp.n. (Nepal),
Auletobius (Micrauletes) adelaidae sp.n. (Australia),
Mandelschtamius tanganyikus sp.n. (Tanzania),
Mandelschtamius turneroides sp.n. (S-Africa),
Pseudominurus ghanensis sp.n. (Ghana),
Neauletes relictus sp.n. (Papua New Guinea),
Guineauletes mirabilis sp.n. (Papua New Guinea),
Guineauletes sculpturatus sp.n. (Papua New Guinea),
Proteugnamptellus damonlunsis sp.n. (China),
Proteugnamptellus indicus sp.n. (India),
Proteugnamptellus orlovi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Proteugnamptellus pilosus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Proteugnamptellus sexpunctatoides sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eugnamptinus nepalensis sp.n. (Nepal),
Cyaneugnamptus lunlinensis sp.n. (China),
Cyaneugnamptus partenuicollis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Cyaneugnamptus tenuicolloides sp.n. (Vietnam),
Neoeugnamptus laocaensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Neoeugnamptus linanensis sp.n. (China),
Neoeugnamptus nepalicus sp.n. (Nepal),
Neoeugnamptus panfilovi sp.n. (China),
Neoeugnamptus potanini sp.n. (China),
Neoeugnamptus volkovitshi sp.n. (China),
Eugnamptus bicolor sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eugnamptus giganteus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eugnamptus kazantsevi sp.n. (China),
Eugnamptus manshinsis sp.n. (China),
Eugnamptus medvedevi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eugnamptus mirabilis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eugnamptus ruber sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eugnamptus rusticus sp.n. (China),
Eugnamptus sitshuanensis sp.n. (China),
Eugnamptus vietnamensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eugnamptus zhejiangensis sp.n. (China),
Depasophilus vietnamensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Capylarodepopsis medvedevi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Pseudodeporaus (s. str.) pehangensis sp.n. (Malaysia),
Pseudodeporaus (Metadeporaus) kabakovi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Caenorhinus (Nigroarodepus) zherichini sp.n. (Vietnam),
Caenorhinus (Hypodeporaus) nigrobasalis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Caenorhinus (Pararodepus) hanungensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Caenorhinus (Metallarodepus) tamdaonensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Temnocerus (s. str.) yunnanicus sp.n. (China),
Temnocerus (Pseudotemnocerus) bolivicus sp.n. (Bolivia),
Elautobius yunnanicus sp.n. (China),
Elautobius zimmermani sp.n. (Australia),
Auletomorphus (s. str.) montanus sp.n. (Nepal, China),
Auletomorphus (s. str.) rubrofemoralis sp.n. (Vietnam, Mayasia),
Auletomorphus (s. str.) yunnanensis sp.n. (China),
Cneminvolvulus (Parcnemvulus) vietnamensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Cneminvolvulus (s. str.) buonloensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Cneminvolvulus (Eocnemvulus) cuprinus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Opacoinvolvulus zherichini sp.n. (Early Miocene (Germany: Nordrhein-Westfalen),
Cyllorhynchites (Hypocyllorhynus) indicus sp.n. (India),
Mexicorhinchus oaxacus sp.n. (Mexico),
Caporhynchites tanzanensis sp.n. (Tanzania),
Heterorhynchites (Vietnamorhynchites) medvedevi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Mirabrhynchites kabakovi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Mirabinvolvulus orlovi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Pustulorhinus yunnanicus sp.n. (China),
Cartorhynchites (Hyperinvolvulus) angusticlavus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Clinorhynchidius endrodyi sp.n. (Congo),
Bicolorhynchus longiclavus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Parinvolvulus (Parinvolvoides) ussuriensis sp.n. (Russia),
Byctiscus davidiani sp.n. (China),
Byctiscus bilineatus sp.n. (China),
Byctiscus kresli sp.n. (China),
Aspidobyctiscus (Taiwanobyctiscus) sitchuanensis sp.n. (China),
Aspidobyctiscus (Parabyctiscus) kazantsevi sp.n. (China),
Aspidobyctiscus (Parabyctiscus) nigrum sp.n. (China),
Aspidobyctiscus (Nepalobyctiscus) giganteus sp.n. (Nepal),
Nelistrobyctiscus (Listrobyctiscidius) vietnamenisi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Suniops (Neosuniops) gorochovi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Parasuniops fochaiensis sp.n. (China),
Kabakovieuops relictus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Morphoeuops yunnanicus sp.n. (China),
Parasynatops (s. str.) beijingensis sp.n. (China),
Parasynatops (s. str.) berezovskyi sp.n. (China),
Parasynatops (s. str.) potanini sp.n. (China),
Parasynatops (s. str.) pseudopolitus sp.n. (China),
Parasynatops (Pseudoeuops) bicoloroides sp.n. (Vietnam),
Parasynatops (Pseudoeuops) kabakovi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Parasynatops (Pseudoeuops) moanus sp.n. (China),
Parasynatops (Pseudoeuops) viridis sp.n. (China),
Riedeliops darevskyi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Riedeliops nepalensis sp.n. (Nepal),
Riedeliops rasuwanus sp.n. (Nepal),
Riedeliops zolotarenkoi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Riedeliops vietnamensis sp.n. (Vietnam, India),
Flavoriedeliops tamilnadunsis sp.n. (India),
Sawadaeuops (Chinoeuops) davidiani sp.n. (China),
Sawadaeuops (Nigroeuops) ovalis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Sawadaeuops (Rugosoeuops) hermanni sp.n. (Vietnam),
Metocalolabus orientalis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Lamprolabus (s. str.) fochaensis sp.n. (China),
Lamprolabus (s. str.) sitchuanensis sp.n. (China),
Henicolabus (s. str.) kuitchauensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Henicolabus (s. str.) yunnanicus sp.n. (China),
Humerilabus vossi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Humerilabus chinensis sp.n. (China),
Humerilabus nepalensis sp.n. (Nepal),
Paramecolabus (Catalaboides) kazantsevi sp.n. (China),
Allapoderus (s. str.) symaoensis sp.n. (China),
Allapoderus (Parallapoderus) zherichini sp.n. (Vietnam),
Micrapoderus bengalensis sp.n. (India),
Micrapoderus yunpinensis sp.n. (China),
Pseudallapoderus kanherinus sp.n. (India),
Pseudallapoderus pseudosissus sp.n. (China),
Maculphrysus (Parmaculphrysus) yunnanicus sp.n. (China),
Phymatapoderus euflavimanus sp.n. (China),
Phymatapoderus parelongatipes sp.n. (China),
Phymatapoderus sitshuanensis sp.n. (China),
Phymatapoderus taiwanensis sp.n. (China),
Paroplapoderus (s. str.) nigriceps sp.n. (China),
Paroplapoderus (s. str.) tzinpinensis sp.n. (China),
Paroplapoderus (Agomadaranus) melanostictoides sp.n. (China),
Paroplapoderus (Agomadaranus) parbihumeratus sp.n. (China),
Paroplapoderus (Agomadaranus) kryzhanovskyi sp.n. (China),
Hoplapoderus echinatoides sp.n. (Russia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam),
Rhamnapoderus pseudodumosus sp.n. (Guinea),
Leptapoderus (Pseudapoderopsis) tamdaoensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Leptapoderus (Pseudoleptapoderus) dubatolovi sp.n. (China),
Paracompsus afghanus sp.n. (Afghanistan),
Macroderites nepalensis sp.n. (Nepal),
Microcorynus parunicus sp.n. (China),
Microcorynus unicus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Heterapoderites medvedevi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Heterapoderus (Pseudoheterapoderus) madaensis sp.n. (Vietnam),
Apoderus (s. str.) pseudofidus sp.n. (China),
Apoderus (s. str.) volkovitshi sp.n. (China),
Apoderus (s. str.) kresli sp.n. (China),
Apoderus (Konoapoderus) horribilis sp.n. (China),
Anisonychus ljubetshansky sp.n. (Vietnam),
Anisonychus mirabilis sp.n. (China, Vietnam),
Mordkovitshirhinus yunnanicus sp.n. (China),
Eocentrocorynus (s. str.) breviclavus sp.n. (China),
Eocentrocorynus (s. str.) nigriclavus sp.n. (Vietnam),
Eocentrocorynus (s. str.) pokharensis sp.n. (Nepal),
Cycnotrachelodes (s. str.) sitchuanensis sp.n. (China),
Paratrachelophorus (Morphotrachelophorus) marsi sp.n. (China, Vietnam),
Paratrachelophorus (s. str.) gigas sp.n.(Vietnam),
Paratrachelophorus (s. str.) kresli sp.n. (Nepal),
Paratrachelophorus (s. str.) daliensis sp.n. (China),
Paratrachelophorus (s. str.) medvedevi sp.n. (Vietnam),
Paratrachelophorus (s. str.) nodicornoides sp.n. (China, Vietnam);

New subspecies:
Cyllorhynchites (s. str.) ursulus afghanus ssp.n. (Afghanistan),
Parasynatops (Pseudoeuops) bicoloroides laocaensis ssp.n. (Vietnam),
Korotyaevirhinus necopinus orientalis ssp.n. (Vietnam, Tailand),
Eocentrocorynus (s. str.) fusculus yunnanicus ssp.n. (China).

New synonyms:
Coelocephalapion Wagner, 1912, syn.n. for Toxorhynchus Scudder, 1893;
genus Auletulus Voss, 1922, syn.n. for subgenus Metopum Agassiz, 1846 of genus Auletobius;
subgenus Afroauletes Legalov, 2001, syn.n. of genus Auletobius for genus Habrorhynchites Voss, 1938;
Depasophilus sichotanus Ter-Minassian, 1950, syn.n. for Eusproda proxima (Faust, 1882);
Deporaus asiaticus Voss, 1974, syn.n. for D. podager (Desbrochers des Loges, 1889);
subgenus Adeporaus Voss, 1941, syn.n. of genus Chokkirius for genus Paradeporaus Kno, 1927;
Deporaus punctatissimus Reitter, 1899, syn.n. for Paradeporaus depressus (Faust, 1882);
Depasophilus koreanus Voss, 1929, syn.n. for Caenorhinus minimus (Kno, 1928);
Lasiorhynchites graecus Voss, 1933, syn.n. for Nelasiorhynchites praeustus (Boheman, 1845);
Pselaphorhynchites tibialis Voss, 1967, syn.n. for T. subglaber (Desbrochers des Loges, 1897);
Rhynchites tomentosus Gyllenhal, 1839 syn.n. for Temnocerus caeruleus (Fabricius, 1798);
Pselaphorhynchites yasumatsui Kno & Morimoto, 1958, syn.n. and P. mongolianus Voss, 1967, syn.n. for T. rubripes (Reitter, 1916);
Rhynchites lukjanovitshi Ter-Minassian, 1944, syn.n. for Neocoenorrhinidius interruptus (Voss, 1920);
Coenorrhinus livescens Voss, 1929, syn.n. and C. pauxillus pauculus Voss, 1933, syn.n. for N. pauxillus (Germar, 1824);
Rhynchites cyaneus Formanek, 1911, syn.n. and Coenorrhinus stierlini Voss, 1938, syn.n. for N. cribrum (Desbrochers des Loges, 1875);
Curculio aeneovirens Marsham, 1802, syn.n. for Schoenitemnus minutus (Herbst, 1797);
Merhynchites bicolor ssp. niger Hamilton, 1985 syn.n. and M. b. ssp. nigricephalus Hamilton, 1985, syn.n. for M. bicolor (Fabricius, 1775);
M. wickhami ssp. rufi Hamilton, 1985, syn.n. for M. wickhami (Cockerell, 1912);
Rhynchites lodosi Voss, 1973, syn.n. for Perrhynchites aereipennis (Desbrochers des Loges, 1895);
Coenorrhinophila antennalis Voss, 1937, syn.n. for Coenorrhinophila subtomentosus (Voss, 1932);
Rhynchites incupreus Voss, 1938, syn.n. for Perinvolvulus africanus (Voss, 1938);
Rhynchites monticola Voss, 1930, syn.n. for Auletomorphus tonkinensis (Voss, 1924);
Involvulus foochowensis Voss, 1960, syn.n. for Cneminvolvulus rugosicollis (Voss, 1920);
Rhynchites atrocyaneus Ter-Minassian, 1944, syn.n. for Opacoinvolvulus gensanensis (Voss, 1920);
Involvulus immixtus Voss, 1969, syn.n. for Thompsonirhinus carinaticollis (Voss, 1958);
subgenus Prorhynchites Voss, 1973, syn.n. of genus Rhynchites for genus Rhynchites;
Rhynchites splendidus Krynicky, 1832 and Rh. cupreatus Voss, 1929, syn.n. for Rh. bacchus (Linnaeus, 1758);
Rh. lenaeiformis Ter-Minassian, 1966, syn.n. and Rh. purpureipennis Voss, 1973, syn.n. for Rh. slovenicus Purkyne, 1954;
Rh. faldermanni Schoenherr, 1839, syn.n. and Rh. kozlovi Suvorov, 1915, syn.n. for Rhynchites fulgidus Faldermann, 1835;
Rh. auratus ferghanensis Nevsky, 1928, syn.n., Rh. auratus armeniacus Zaitzev, 1937, syn.n. and Rh. microcarpae Ter-Minassian, 1944, syn.n. for Epirhynchites auratus (Scopoli, 1763);
Rh. nuristanicus Voss, 1959, syn.n. for E. sarafschanicus (Voss, 1929);
Rh. laevior Faust, 1882, syn.n., Rh. laevior var. obscurus Faust, 1882, syn.n., Rh. nudipennis Voss, 1929, syn.n. and Coenorrhinus vossi Ter-Minassian, 1971, syn.n. for Teretriorhynchites amabilis (Roelofs, 1874);
Byctiscus omissus Voss, 1920, syn.n., B. omissus var. cyanicolor Voss, 1920, syn.n. and B. omissus var. obscuricupreus Voss, 1920, syn.n. for B. rugosus (Gebler, 1830);
B. formosanus Voss, 1921, syn.n. for B. impressus (Fairmaire, 1899);
B. tsherskii Suvorov, 1915, syn.n. for B. puberulus (Motschulsky, 1860);
B. parvulus Sharp, 1889, syn.n. for B. populi (Linnaeus, 1758);
B. separandus Voss, 1930, syn.n. Aspidobyctiscus marinus (Voss, 1921);
Euops splendidus Dalla Torre & Voss, 1930, syn.n. for Parasynaptopsis nigrum (Kno, 1927);
Attelabus subcyaneus Voss, 1931, syn.n. for A. cyanellus (Voss, 1925);
Attelabus corallipes Pascoe, 1883, syn.n. and Lamprolabus latispinosus Voss, 1929, syn.n. for Lamprolabus spiculatus (Boheman, 1845);
subtribe Phymatolabina Voss, 1925, syn.n. of tribe Attelabini for subtribe Lagenoderina Voss, 1925;
genus Anisolabus Voss, 1925, syn.n. for nominate subgenus of genus Scotopsinus Voss, 1925;
Euscilophilus jungpingensis Liang, 1994, syn.n. for E. chinensis (Schilsky, 1906);
Apoderus subornatus (Sharp, 1889), syn.n. and Phymatapoderus pavens Voss, 1926, syn.n. for Ph. flavimanus (Motschulsky, 1860);
Ph. monticola Voss, 1926, syn.n. and Ph. yunnanicus Voss, 1929, syn.n. for Ph. latipennis (Jekel, 1860);
Tomapoderus cyclops f. tonkinea Voss, 1943, syn.n. for Tomapoderopsis testaceimembris (Pic, 1928);
Paroplapoderus japonicus Voss, 1926, syn.n. and P. ulmi Kno, 1929, syn.n. for P. vanvolxemi (Roelofs, 1875);
P. multicostatus Pic, 1928, syn.n. for P. fasciatus Voss, 1928;
Hoplapoderus aculeatus Faust, 1899, syn.n. and Echinapoderus madegassus Janczyk, 1960, syn.n. for Echinapoderus enoplus (Brancsik, 1893);
Echinapoderus ukaikaicus Janczyk, 1960, syn.n. for E. horridulus (Kuntzen, 1915);
E. graueri Janczyk, 1960, syn.n. for E. kilimanus (Aurivillius, 1910);
Hoplapoderus nepalensis Voss, 1926, syn.n. for H. echinatus (Gyllenhal, 1833);
Apoderus cerberus Faust, 1894, syn.n. for Rhamnapoderus dumosus (Gyllenhal, 1839);
A. rothkirchi Kuntzen, 1915, syn.n. for Rhamnapoderus spiculosus (Jekel, 1860);
Rhamnapoderus tawetensis Janczyk, 1960, syn.n. for Rh. spinifer (Fahraeus, 1871);
Rh. karaseki Janczyk, 1960, syn.n. for Rh. verticalis Voss, 1926;
Apoderus ludyi homalinus Voss, 1927, syn.n. for A. coryli (Linnaeus, 1758);
Apoderus sharpi Voss, 1922, syn.n., A. extensus Voss, 1927, syn.n. for A. jekelii Roelofs, 1874;
A. tuberculimerus Voss, 1930, syn.n., A. tuberculimerus f. subopaca Voss, 1930, syn.n., A. tuberculimerus f. umbrata Voss, 1930, syn.n. and A. tuberculimerus f. subviridis Voss, 1934, syn.n. for Granulapoderus rugicollis (Schilsky, 1906);
Centrocorynus maculipennis Voss, 1929, syn.n. for Phrysapoderus crucifer (Heller, 1922);
Apoderus bilineatus Faust, 1883, syn.n. for Alexsandricorynus assamensis (Boheman, 1845);
Apoderus coloratus (Faust, 1882), syn.n. for Cycnotrachelodes cyanopterus (Motschulsky, 1860);
Cycnotrachelus subcoeruleus Voss, 1929, syn.n. for Cycnotrachelodes coeruleatus (Faust, 1894);
Apoderus fulvus Roelofs, 1874, syn.n. for Paratrachelophorus longicornis (Roelofs, 1874);
Paratrachelophorus katonis Kno, 1930, syn.n. and P. vossi Kno, 1930, syn.n. for P. nodicornis Voss, 1924.

New systematic placement:
genus Brenthorrhinoides Gratshev et Zherikhin, 1996, placem.n. from family Nemonychidae to family Rhynchitidae,
genera Habrorhynchites Voss, 1938, placem.n. and Rhynchitobius Sharp, 1889, placem.n. from tribe Rhynchitini to tribe Auletini;
subgenus Heterauletes Voss, 1933, placem.n. from genus Auletobius to genus Aletinus;
Aderorhinus venustus Kno, 1930, placem.n. from genus Aderorhinus to genus Eugnamptobius;
Lasiorhynchites nitidirostris Voss, 1932, placem.n. from genus Lasiorhynchites to genus Chryseugnamptus;
genus Pseudocoenorrhinus Voss, 1935, placem.n. from tribe Rhynchitini to subtribe Depasophilina of tribe Isotheini;
subgenus Pseudodepasophilus Voss, 1942, placem.n. from genus Depasophilus Voss, 1922 to genus Caenorhinus C.C. Thomson, 1859;
genus Perrhynchites Voss, 1953, placem.n. from tribe Rhynchitina to subtribe Perrhynchitina;
genus Heterorhynchites Voss, 1932, placem.n. from subtribe Temnocerina to subtribe Rhynchitina;
subgenus Sawadaia Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999, placem.n. from genus Cyllorhynchites to genus Heterorhynchites;
subgenus Hyporhynchites Voss, 1935, placem.n. from genus Involvulus to genus Cyllorhynchites;
Rhynchites asiaticus Desbrochers des Loges, 1908, placem.n. from synonyms of Rh. bacchus to synonyms of Rh. lenaeus;
subgenus Aphlorhynchites Sawada, 1993, placem.n. from genus Involvulus to genus Teretriorhynchites;
genus Calolabus Voss, 1925, placem.n. from subtribeHimatolabina of tribe Hybolabini to subtribe Metocalolabina of tribe Attelabini;
genus Eneuops Zhang, Sun et Zhang, 1994, placem.n. and Oedeuops Zhang, 1989, placem.n. from tribe Euopsini to tribe Attelabini,
genus Pleurolabus Jekel, 1860, placem.n. fromAttelabini to tribe Lagenoderini;
genus Trachelolabus Jekel, 1860, placem.n. from tribe Lagenoderini to tribe Euscelophilini;
Apoderus funebris Voss, 1930, placem.n. from subgenus Allapoderus of genus Apoderus to genus Pseudallapoderus;
genus Pseudapoderus Voss, 1926, placem.n. from subtribe Hoplapoderina to subtribe Afroapoderina;
genus Parapoderus Voss, 1926, placem.n. from Apoderini to tribe Hoplapoderini.

Resurrected status:
Allocirynidae Sharp, 1890, stat.res.,
Eurhynchinae Lacordaire, 1863, stat.res.,
Apioninae Schoenherr, 1823, stat.res.,
Nanophyinae Gistel, 1856, stat.res.,
Erirhininae Schoenherr, 1825, stat.res.,
Raymondionyminae Reitter, 1913, stat.res.,
Eugnamptoplesius Voss, 1952, stat.res.,
Schoenitemnus minutus (Herbst, 1797), stat.res.,
Rhynchites mandli Voss, 1931, stat.res.,
Aphlorhynchites Sawada, 1993, stat.res.,
Taiwanobyctiscus Kno, 1929, stat.res.,
Hoplapoderus caliginosus (Faust, 1894), stat.res.,
Hoplapoderus echinatus (Gyllenhal, 1833), stat.res.,
Hoplapoderus gemnosus (Jekel, 1860), stat.res.,
Phymatapoderus flavimanus (Motschulsky, 1860), stat.res.

Changes of status:
From family to subfamily:
Eobelinae Arnoldi, 1977, stat.n.,

From subtribe to tribe:
Eugnamptini Voss, 1932, stat.n.,
Euscelini Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Hybolabini Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Lagenoderini Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Euscelophilini Voss, 1925, stat.n.;

From subgenus to genus:
Stictauletes Voss, 1934, stat.n.,
Pseudominurus Voss, 1956, stat.n.,
Gymnauletes Legalov, 2001, stat.n.,
Hamiltoniauletes Legalov, 2001, stat.n.,
Eurostauletes Voss, 1933, stat.n.,
Mesauletobius Legalov, 2001, stat.n.,
Eomesauletes Legalov, 2001, stat.n.,
Aletinus Desbrochers des Loges, 1908, stat.n.,
Pseudomesauletes Legalov, 2001, stat.n.,
Eumetopon Voss, 1922, stat.n.,
Cesauletes Hamilton, 1983, stat.n.,
Eugnamptobius Voss, 1922, stat.n.,
Oreugnamptus Voss, 1941, stat.n.,
Platyrhynchites Voss, 1922, stat.n.,
Odontodeporaus Voss, 1941, stat.n.,
Capylarodepus Voss, 1922, stat.n.,
Megalarodepus Voss, 1922, stat.n.,
Pseudodeporaus Voss, 1922, stat.n.,
Biblarodepus Voss, 1924, stat.n.,
Caenorhinus C.C. Thomson, 1859, stat.n.,
Arodepus Heller, 1922, stat.n.,
Coccygorhynchites Prell, 1926, stat.n.,
Stenorhynchites Voss, 1932, stat.n.,
Schoenitemnus Legalov, 2003, stat.n.,
Auletomorphus Voss, 1923, stat.n.,
Lasiorhynchidius Voss, 1923, stat.n.,
Callirhynchites Voss, 1938, stat.n.,
Cneminvolvulus Voss, 1960, stat.n.,
Epirhynchites Voss, 1953, stat.n.,
Teretriorhynchites Voss, 1938, stat.n.,
Aspidobyctiscus Schilsky, 1903, stat.n.,
Suniops Voss, 1928, stat.n.,
Neosynaptops Voss, 1930, stat.n.,
Synaptops Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Kobusynaptops Kno, 1927, stat.n.,
Riedeliops Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 2002, stat.n.,
Ophthalmolabus Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Eleuscelus Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Chryseuscelus Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Neoeuscelus Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Pheleuscelus Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Coscineuscelus Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Synolabus Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Cyrtolabus Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Pseudapoderus Voss, 1926, stat.n.,
Isapoderus Voss, 1937, stat.n.,
Leptapoderus Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Strigapoderus Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Heterapoderus Voss, 1927, stat.n.,
Hamiltonius Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal, 1999, stat.n.,
Phrysapoderus Jekel, 1860, stat.n.,
Cycnotrachelodes Voss, 1955, stat.n.;

From subspecies to species:
Hybolabus peruanus Voss, 1925, stat.n.,
Anisonychus palawanensis (Voss, 1922), stat.n.;

From variation to subspecies:
Korotyaevirhinus necopinus necopinus (Faust, 1893), stat.n.;

From subfamily to tribe:
Pterocolini Lacordaire, 1866, stat.n.;

From genus to subgnus:
Neodeporaus Kno, 1928, stat.n. (genus Deporaus Samouelle, 1819),
Apoderites Sawada, 1987, stat.n. (genus Caenorhinus C.C. Thomson, 1859),
Xestolabus Jekel, 1860, stat.n. (genus Omolabus Jekel, 1860);

From species to subspecies:
Cyllorhynchites ursulus rostralis (Voss, 1930), stat.n.,
Teretriorhynchites caeruleus ussuriensis (Voss, 1930), stat.n.

Designated of lectotypes for:
Proteugnamptus madagassus Voss, 1939,
Auletorhinus hirtellus Voss, 1935,
Stictauletes punctiger (Voss, 1922),
Auletobius (Metopum) puberulus (Faust, 1882),
Auletobius (s. str.) calvus (Sharp, 1889),
Auletobius irkutensis ssp. japonicus Voss, 1922,
Auletobius (s. str.) fumigatus (Roelofs, 1874),
Auletobius (s. str.) irkutensis Faust, 1893,
Hamiltoniauletes humeralis (Boheman, 1859),
Eurostauletes rubrorufus (Solsky, 1880),
Aletinus (Heterauletes) akinini (Faust, 1885),
Pseudomesauletes (s. str.) uniformis (Roelofs, 1874),
Eumetopon (Eumetoponoides) rectirostris (Voss, 1922),
Aderorhinus crioceroides (Roelofs, 1874),
Eugnamptinus aurifrons (Roelofs, 1874),
Pseudocoenorrhinus carinicollis (Voss, 1935),
Depasophilus sichotanus Ter-Minassian, 1950,
Deporaus (Pseudapoderites) pacatus (Faust, 1882),
Deporaus (Roelofsideporaus) unicolor (Roelofs, 1874),
Deporaus punctatissimus Reitter, 1899,
Caenorhinus (Pseudodepasophilus) blandulus (Voss, 1942),
Rhynchites planipennis Roelofs, 1874,
Neocoenorhinidius assimilis (Roelofs, 1874),
Neocoenorhinidius italicus (Voss, 1929),
Rhynchites cyaneus Formanek, 1911: 206,
Tatianaerhynchites (Japonorhynchites) sanguinipennis (Roelofs, 1874),
Coenorrhinophila subtomentosus (Voss, 1932),
Coenorrhinophila antennalis Voss, 1937,
Parelautobius cinctellus (Voss, 1956),
Perinvolvulus africanus (Voss, 1938),
Rhynchites incupreus Voss, 1938,
Lasiorhynchidius curtirostris (Voss, 1923),
Auletomorphus (s. str.) tonkinensis (Voss, 1924),
Rhynchites monticola Voss, 1930,
Rhynchites amabilis Roelofs, 1874,
Brasilorhynchites brasilianus (Voss, 1938),
Maculinvolvulus singularis (Roelofs, 1874),
Proinvolvulus asperulicollis (Voss, 1956),
Proinvolvulus parilis (Voss, 1956),
Eduardirhinus tenuicornis (Voss, 1938),
Cneminvolvulus (Metacnemvulus) hirtellus (Pascoe, 1885),
Cneminvolvulus (Metacnemvulus) liesenfeldti (Voss, 1956),
Cyllorhynchites (Hyporhynchites) lauraceae (Voss, 1935),
Cyllorhynchites (s. str.) ursulus ursulus (Roelofs, 1874),
Pilosoinvolvulus siwalikensis (Voss, 1956b),
Parinvolvulus (s. str.) pilosus (Roelofs, 1874),
Caporhynchites grewiae (Voss, 1938),
Thompsonirhinus (s. str.) plumbeus (Roelofs, 1874),
Thompsonirhinus (Maculinvoles) kiritshenkoi (Ter-Minassian, 1944),
Rhynchites splendidus Krynicky, 1832,
Rhynchites fulgidus Faldermann, 1835,
Rhynchites kozlovi Suvorov, 1915,
Rhynchites microcarpae Ter-Minassian, 1944,.
Epirhynchites (Tshernyshevinius) trojanus Gyllenhal, 1839,
Epirhynchites (Tshernyshevinius) zaitzevi Kieseritzky, 1926,
Epirhynchites heros Roelofs, 1874,
Rhynchites heros var. sumptuosus Roelofs, 1875,
Epirhynchites (Pyrorhynchites) giganteus Krynicky, 1832,
Clinorhynchidius flexirostris (Voss, 1938),
Byctiscus rugosus (Gebler, 1830),
Byctiscus formosanus Voss, 1921,
Byctiscus puberulus (Motschulsky, 1860),
Byctiscus tsherskii Suvorov, 1915,.
Byctiscus princeps (Solsky, 1872),
Rhynchites regalis Roelofs, 1874,
Rhynchites haroldi Roelofs, 1879,
Byctiscus fulminans Voss, 1930,
Byctiscus fukienensis Voss, 1948,
Byctiscus parvulus Sharp, 1889,
Attelabus cicatricosus Motschulsky, 1860,
Parasynaptopsis cuprifulgens (Voss, 1942),
Attelabus politus Roelofs, 1874,
Ophthalmolabus morio (Boheman, 1845),
Sawadaeuops (Chinoeuops) nitidicollis (Voss, 1942),
Sawadaeuops (s. str.) punctatostriatus (Motschulsky, 1860),
Calolabus cupreus (Roelofs, 1874),
Lamprolabus (s. str.) bihastatus (Frivaldsky, 1892),
Lamprolabus (s. str.) spiculatus (Boheman, 1845)
Henicolabus (Allolabus) lewisi (Sharp, 1889),
Trachelismus macrostylus (Motschulsky, 1861),
Apoderus fabricii var. propinguus Faust, 1883,
Parapoderus rufinasus (Faust, 1899),
Phymatapoderus elongatipes Voss, 1926,
Phymatapoderus flavimanus (Motschulsky, 1860),
Paroplapoderus (s. str.) fallax (Gyllenhal, 1839),
Paroplapoderus (s. str.) vanvolxemi (Roelofs, 1875),
Paroplapoderus japonicus Voss, 1926,
Echinapoderus ukaikaicus Janczyk, 1960,
Echinapoderus graueri Janczyk, 1960,.
Hoplapoderus echinatus (Gyllenhal, 1833),
Rhamnapoderus dumosus (Gyllenhal, 1839),
Rhamnapoderus nairobicus Janczyk, 1960,
Apoderus kamtschaticus Motschulsky, 1845,
Apoderus ludyi ssp. homalinus Voss, 1927,
Apoderus (s. str.) ludyi Reitter, 1890,
Apoderus (Konoapoderus) jekelii Roelofs, 1874,
Apoderus extensus Voss, 1927,
Leptapoderus (s. str.) cinctipectoralis (Voss, 1930),
Leptapoderus (s. str.) rubidus (Motschulsky, 1860),
Leptapoderus (Pseudoleptapoderus) friedrichi (Voss, 1956),
Paracompsus lepidulus (Voss, 1927),
Alexsandricorynus assamensis (Boheman, 1845),
Cycnotrachelodes (s. str.) cyanopterus (Motschulsky, 1860),
Cycnotrachelodes (s. str.) roelofsi (Harold, 1877),
Paratrachelophorus (s. str.) nodicornis Voss, 1924.

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Dr. Andrei Legalov,  SZM of Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, SB RAS

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